Bill Ayres

Name: Bill Ayres
Location: Prestwich
Media: Photography
Weapon of choice: Ricoh GR II
Contribution: Melted Magic Mag 6

Been from Yorkshire there’s not many things we like about Lancashire but Bill Ayres is one of those exceptions. We’d like to clarify Bill Ayres has no relation to MMC member Tom Ayres (creepy or coincidence?). We had the pleasure of interviewing him to find out all his secrets. The collection of photos he let us analyse are truly mesmerising. We had great fun, i hope you enjoy them as much as we did. Bill has got some tasty projects in the pipeline so keep up-to date with is every move on Instagram (@bill_ayres). You’ll find the full interview and collection of pictures in episode 6 of the Melted Magic Mag. What are you waiting for? go buy it now!