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Episode 1

Episode 1

Date: January 2019

Contributors: Thomas Ayres, Brad Sherwin, Zuzanna Loch

This is the first edition of the Melted Magic Mag. Number 1 on the list of many (we hope). We’ll quickly round up what’s in this issue before getting down to the nitty-gritty. We reviewed the Beams x Lacoste collection (corduroy fun) and took a look at the Hip Store’s brand new all singing all dancing store. You’ll also find an array of Zuzanna Loch’s work with an exclusive interview.

This magazine was launched to give you a brief idea of what to expect us from the Melted Magic Mag. A little taste or a dip of your toes in the water if you must, before diving into the deep end. We’ve come along way since the first magazine and we think each magazine gets better by episode. We’d like to hope you think so too. This mag will always be kept in a special place in our hearts, ‘the first one’. For you, maybe thrown into a drawer to decay or burned alive and pissed on. We wouldn’t expect anything less. An insight for you here, the front cover of this episode was taken round the depths of York. We met up with Michael Cable (lead signer of Perspex) had a chat, indulged in a can of Fanta (he had a dandelion and burdock) and a sarnie in a nice cafe near York Minister.