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We traveled to the depths of Dudley Street Space Station to capture the video of “Perspex – Jesus On The Valium”. Filmed and edited by the Melted Magic Club, music by Perspex.

Perspex are an outfit who won’t stay in the wardrobe – always changing their colours, wrestling with Mr sonic possibilities upon an old sofa bed made from chart hit formulas and fuzz pedals. Through a love of angular guitar music, 70s krautrock and 60s girl groups, The golden boys have crafted what they call “Plastik Muzik” – a term coined on pink sugar paper in the arsehole of a 7-day brainstorm. After gigging up and down the country, a tightness has been reached, an act has been born.

We filmed and directed the different shots from the confines of a back to back house in depths of York. After capturing the footage we headed to the studio to process and edit. The aim was to create a video that reflected the fuzzy sound of the band. We purposely lowered the quality of the video adding a grain effect to supplement this style.

The photography compliments the video as a visual reference.

To celebrate the release of their new tune, Perspex played a gig at Oporto in Leeds. We kept the poster clean taking inspiration from the Swiss-style movement. The colour scheme mirrors the 70s colour pallet style using less saturated hues.

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