Fontaines D.C. announces new album ‘A Hero’s Death’ and release new single.

Fontaines D.C. announces new album ‘A Hero’s Death’ and release new single

The Irish troubadours come good on a debut album that offers both a storyteller’s narrative voice and a snarling new vision of youthful disillusionment. ‘Dogrel’ proves that early-days pinning as punk’s next great hope was perhaps premature – there’s far more to Fontaines D.C. than your typical thrashed-out, pissed-off young rebellion. The boys from Dublin are back and fans tuned in to Annie Mac playing their latest self-titled single from the album, ‘A Hero’s Death’ on BBC Radio 1 Show. The single is available to listen to now and you can pre-order the album for the release on 31st July. 

After the release of ‘Dogrel’ on 12th April 2019, the Dublin punks wasted no time heading to Los Angeles in October to inspire themselves for their second album. “We did it all in October. That’s been my real favourite moment of 2019, making the new record,” guitarist Carlos O’Connell revealed in an issue of LongLiveVinyl.

“I don’t know how we’ve found time to do it all, but we have. We’ve made it in LA, as this record is a lot more influenced by The Beach Boys, so we wanted to go to California. These songs are much more considered, in the details of the song arrangements.” 

While the band have previously discussed how ‘Dogrel’ reflects their experiences of growing up in Dublin, they say that the second album sees them addressing the wider world in general. “The new record is very different, both musically and lyrically,” O’Connell explained. 

“It’s strayed a lot from being based in a time and a place. We don’t have that experience anymore, because we aren’t just based in one place and time. There’s a dreamlike atmosphere to the new record, as that’s what this year has felt like.”

“The record feels like a dream that sometimes goes into nightmares and fairy tales. It’s been a very up-and-down year. There’s been no time for any break, so it’s been madness at times, and we’ve felt quite lost. But it’s been magical as well.”

Singer Grian Chatten has described the new single as “a list of rules for the self” as well as “principles for self-prescribed happiness that can often hang by a thread”.

“It’s ostensibly a positive message, but with repetition comes different meanings, that’s what happens to mantras when you test them over and over,” Chatten explains. “There’s this balance between sincerity and insincerity as the song goes on and you see that in the music video as well.

“The idea was influenced by a lot of the advertising I was seeing – the repetitive nature of these uplifting messages that take on a surreal and scary feel the more you see them.”

‘A Hero’s Death’ tracklist:

01. ‘I Don’t Belong’ 02. ‘Love Is The Main Thing’ 03. ‘Televised Mind’ 04. ‘A Lucid Dream’ 05. ‘You Said’ 06. ‘Oh Such A Spring’ 07. ‘A Hero’s Death’ 08. ‘Living In America’ 09. ‘I Was Not Born’ 10. ‘Sunny’ 11. ‘No’

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