5 affordable long weekend getaways young adults will love

5 affordable long weekend getaways young adults will love

With lockdown coming to an end there’s one question on all of our minds, where and when’s our next holiday? We’ve done the dirty work for you as we round up five places the younger generation will love to visit in the U.K!

Jurassic Coast

A place so beautiful it often features in British tourism magazines, the Jurassic coast has been all but forgotten by the general public in recent times. With an amazing 95 miles of British coastline to explore there’s no end to the beauty spots, you’ll discover.


Due to Bellfasts size and location, you’re never far from a beach or beauty spot making it the perfect location for all the beauty hunters! a perfect mix of city and country life collide to make for the perfect hangover cure after all the Buckfast you’ll be consuming!

Peak district

If wild beauty is your thing, the peak district will be the perfect place for you! Beautiful long walk with equally beautiful country pubs. Chatsworth House and Chesterfield Flea Market are the perfect places to unwind after a long weekend of exploring! A beautiful affordable BNB’s can be found in many of the local villages.

The Isle of Man

The Isle of Man has become the paradise of the British isles. (Unlike the rest of the isles) The isle of man often exhibits beautiful weather perfect for an island escape with a little more sunshine. Queen Victoria would agree with her Italian-style summer home Osborne House residing on the isle. Long summer walks on the beach, restaurants on the beachfront, what more could you ask for?

The Isle of Scilly

Much like the Isle of Man, the Isles of Scilly have become the U.Ks answer to the Caribbean. 5 of the 140 islands are inhabited while the rest of the islands host a hoard of different wildlife. in my opinion, these isles take you as far away from the UK as possible while staying in the U.K, and who doesn’t want that?