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Perspex release ‘Big Cash Child’ video

Lockdown has been full of surprises, one thing that didn’t surprise is a new ‘belter of a tune’ from Leeds/York band Perspex. ‘Big Cash Child’ is the tune. Distinct guitar, stimulating drum loops, smooth bass-lines and melodic lyrics, the full package. A band with free rein to do pretty much anything they want to do under the format of a guitar band. We had the pleasure of working with the band to provided the visuals for the music video. We won’t explain anything in detail, we’ll let the video do the talking. 

The video available on youtube and the tunes available on all major streaming services. 


Melted Magic Mag Episode 7

It’s that time again! The seventh edition of the Melted Magic Mag is here. We’ve recommended some ace shops to visit in Leeds (once you’re allowed, that is! #stayindoors). We rounded up some of Tarantino’s best films with some graphics to go alongside. What happened at London Fashion Week Men’s? We’ve got you covered. Check out some of Sam Cardelfe illustrations with an exclusive interview. Plus more tasty content.

Due to current issues with coronavirus the postal of the hardback copy may take longer than normal. But don’t worry we’ve got you covered, on purchase you’ll receive access to our archive page. There you’ll be able to access a full online copy of the magazine with additional content, pictures and stories to go with the episode.

If you sign up to the mailing list you’ll also get free access to online copies and additional bits and bats for Episodes 1,2 and 3.

Purchase yourself a hardback and virtual copy now!

Stay Safe!

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How could the coronavirus effect nightlife and small business in the long term?

We think we’re right in saying you’re probably already sick of hearing about the coronavirus. We are too. But it’s no joke and no laughing matter. Millions of people are going to be affected in some way and although this is not ‘the end of the world’ governments around the world have had to take action to protect the health of the people.

Cities around the world have imposed caps on public events, some places banning them altogether. Festivals planned for March and April have been cancelled including California’s Coachella and other massive world festivals.

This halt could have a hugely detrimental effect on nightlife and small business around the world. Many urban underground restaurants, cafes, bars, clubs etc. depend on the monthly income from customers to survive. The small recession caused by the virus could permanently close many popular locations around your city.

But please don’t panic (we’ve already had enough of that), if we pull together there is stuff we can do to try and prevent all the wonderful places from closing.

Obviously, listen to all government guidelines, but if you are fit and well (if you’re feeling under the weather stay at home tucked up in bed) please attend events like normal. Event promoters and everyone involved in running the events are some of the worst affected, this is one of the industries which survives on a month to month income from ticket sales etc. The London club The Cause posted a statement asking those who are financially able to consider not collecting refunds for cancelled gigs. ”The industry is taking a big hit at the moment, please be gentle and thoughtful over this,” the statement reads. “Postponement, rather than refunds is the only logical option for many promoters to survive this. Your £15 ticket refund will likely not affect you, but in mass numbers refunded will kill our scene.”

If you are one of the people affected by the loss of work Techno4Hire are helping people find work to those that need it most. This WordPress site includes lots of helpful tips (including legal advice) for freelances to combat the effect of the loss of work.

Try and use local cafes, bars, restaurants as often as possible in a safe manner. Remember these are peoples livelihoods, the only form of income they have. Big business like Sainsbury’s will survive but a smaller business without a stockpile of money may not. Use your local corner shop, use the local cafe, use the local business that you love to use. When purchasing items think about the venerable, only purchase what you need. Trust us, you don’t need 100 rolls of toilet paper.

If you could sign this petition to force the government to help those in desperate financial need that would be of great help. If possible you can also donate on the world health organisation website.

Most importantly stay safe, stay healthy and look after the people around you. This will pass and we’ll come back better and stronger than ever.

On a lighter note, we hope to see you all in good health at the Old Red Bus Station on the 28th of March for the Melted Sessions #1. Love and respect!

Good times will come again!